Systematic's Products

Systematic Servicing's range of compactors, balers and bespoke waste handling equipment is built to a high standard and is designed to meet the needs of a range of commercial and industrial users.

Our machines are built to meet customers' own individual operational requirements, and to that end, we supply free on-site surveys to ensure we supply the correct product for the job in hand.

Our equipment is available to rent or purchase, and on occasion we have reconditioned machines in stock which we can offer at competitive prices.

For further information on our complete range of waste handling equipment, consumables and support services, please contact our team today.

Baler Machinery Range

Systematic Servicing's range of balers is designed to compress dry recyclable items into bales.

Whether you are looking for small 20kg baler or a fully automatic horizontal baler, we have the solution for you! Depending on the type and amount of material, our full range of machines can produce anything from small tape tied bales to 500kg mill size bales.

Retail outlets or Superstores who have more than one type of material to recycle will benefit from the Twin or Multi Chamber machines we have available.

A range of baler tape and wire can also be ordered from our stores.

We also offer a comprehensive rental option on all Balers and our Service Team can also offer a full repair and maintenance service.

Industrial Compactors

Our range of portable and static compactors is designed to compact your waste into a self-contained unit or separate container. This helps to make you waste stream more efficient and reduce your transport costs.

Our compactors can be tailor-made to suit you individual requirements, including working in conjunction with an air extraction system or other automated process.

Both portable and static compactors can be supplied with either side or end loaders for use with the full range of Euro Bins. These can be reduce double handling of material and eliminate problems with manual handling.

Bespoke Equipment

Some waste streams require specialist equipment in order to achieve the correct processing. At Systematic Servicing we supply a range of tailor-made equipment, including:

  • Screw Compactor - Compaction ratios are far greater that standard compactor units. These can be used on wooden pallets, reinforced cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, door frames, etc.
  • Briquetter - This is the perfect solution for the finer elements of your waste stream - paper dust from the printing industry, wood dust and shavings from joineries, polystyrene beads, etc.
  • Densifier - used for reprocessing of EPS, these machines will reduce your polystyrene packing by up to a ratio of 50:1, creating blocks which can then be sold to re-processors

If you have an unusual product that you are looking to handle differently please enquire now and we'll be happy to help.



To order baling wire, baler tape, wheelie bins or other ancillary equipment, please contact us on 0333 344 8202.

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